How To Get Free Bitcoin

Have you ever traded in Bitcoin? If so great this will be easy for you! If not here is a complete guide on how to get Premium keys for free using Bitcoin!

In this Guide, we will teach you how to sign up to trade Cryptocurrencies and get premium keys for all your favorite filesharing websites.

How This Works

Sign up at Blockchain
Blockchain is a large Cryptocurrency firm, they have a promotion of $125 million Stella XLM giveaway for signing up with them.

Verify your profile at Blockchain
You will receive $40 USD of Stella XLM for verifying your account.

Transfer Stella XLM into Bitcoin
Swap your XLM for Bitcoin

Buy at Bargain Premium
Purchase your item instantly using bitcoin!

Step One
Sign up for Blockchain -

Step Two
Complete your account profile for Free Stella (XLM)

Once Verified
You will receive an email once you have verified and approx 5 minutes later you will receive the funds into your blockchain account approx ($45.00 USD)

▼ Confirmation Email

Email of verified account

▼ Funds into Blockchain Wallet

Funds Received from Blockchain

Swap Free Stella (XLM) for Bitcoin

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