Free wdupload premium account [Full guide with images]

Do you have something you want to download on but it is only for premium members? at bargain premium, we have a way you can get a working premium account for free!

Get premium key for free! - Difficulty (Moderate)
This method is working as of 25/05/2019 we will remove when not working.
Time Required: 10-15 Minutes
Delivery: 30 minutes

So in this method will require you to sign up to Blockchain (cryptography website) verify your account and send your free funds to our wallet and we will send you a premium key! Basically, cost you nothing for your premium key.

Step One
Sign up for Blockchain -

Step one - login | free wdupload premium keys

Step One - Create your account at Blockchain

Step Two
Complete your account profile for Free Stella (XLM)

Click on the Get Free Crypto button

Step Two - Complete your profile

Step Two - Click Get Free Crypto and verify your profile.

Complete the profile verification form
First, you will need to verify your email at Blockchain.

Once your email is verified enter your personal details on the profile form.
(Note: As a part of the verification, you must verify your identity to complete your verification and receive the currency, using fake details will not verify your profile.)

Blockchain verification profile form

Verify Your Email & Complete the profile form.

Last Step - Confirm it's you

Blockchain needs to confirm your identity with a government issued ID and selfie.

What You Need For this step
You will need a form of identification either a Government Issued Passport, Driver’s License or National Identity Card and a webcam.

Don't Have a Webcam?
If you don't have a webcam you can send the profile link to your mobile and open it on your mobile to complete.
Another way to move verification to your mobile to use the camera there is to click on the wallet id at the bottom of your Email you verified your account on.

Last Step Verify

Last Step is to verify your identity.

Can't See your camera on the verification?

troubleshooting any problems

If you cant see your camera, move your verification to your mobile device.

If you are having troubles with the verification on your computer open your blockchain account on your mobile.

Once Verified

you will receive an email once you have verified and approx 5 minutes later you will receive the funds into your blockchain account approx ($40 USD)

Email of verified account

Email of verified account


Wait For Verification Email
Once you have received an email verifying your Blockchain account wait approx 5 minutes and you will receive funds into your account.

Funds Received from Blockchain

Funds Received from Blockchain

Got Funds?
Once you have received Funds go to

You Will now have approx $40.00 of XLM

Ready To Get Premium Key?

Once you are ready to get a premium key on blockchain click SEND at the top of the page.

How to purchase premium using Stellar

How to purchase premium key using stellar


Our Wallet Address

Costs USD for Premium Keys using Stellar (XLM)
1 Month Premium Key - $15.00 USD
2 Months Premium Key - $25.00 USD
1 Year Premium Key - $40.00 USD (BEST BUY!) Normally $58.15 on Card!

Memo - Enter Your Email Address ( We will send your premium key here )
Description - Enter your premium key you are purchasing.

We will verify within 30 minutes and send you your premium key.